Apple iPhone 7- The most shipped phone in Q3 2017

Samsung is still holding as the leader in the top five smartphone vendors in the world which is followed by Apple and Huawei. The reports by Canalys also hint that Apple’s iPhone 7 is world’s best selling model with over 13 million units shipped and iPhone 6s is at the second position with 7.9 million units. The third position is taken by Samsung’s Galaxy J2 Prime phone with 7.8 million units in the last quarter. OPPO’s A57 and R11 are at fourth and fifth location with 7.8 million and 7.2 million units respectively. Its surprising to see iPhone 8 series not making entry into this list even though Apple shipped 46.7 million smartphones in Q3 2017. The new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus accounted for 11.8 million of these, falling well short of its predecessor, the iPhone 7. But while Apple shipped 5.4 million units of the iPhone 8, it shipped 6.3 million of the larger iPhone 8 Plus.


As far as the brands are concerned, Samsung shipped 82.8 million smartphones in Q3, 8.2% more than in Q3 2016. This result could be due to the success of its J Series of phones. Apple holds the position two while Huawei with 39.1 million, with growth percentage of 17% takes the third. With 8% of market share, OPPO is at fourth position, with a growth of 7.4%. OPPO minted 30 million unit shipments. Xiaomi with 28 million unit sale, is now at fifth position but what’s more interesting is the growth of 86.9%. Xiaomi has been actively promoting the brand in India. As per the reports by Xiaomi, in its recent sale of Redmi Y1 and Redmi Y1 lite smartphone, the company sold over 1,50,000 units of both the phones across the platforms in the sale in just 3 minutes. Second sale is scheduled for November 15, next Wednesday.

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