Bump App Receives a Major Updated – Now Share Files With Computers, Too

Bump, the free, easy file sharing app for Android and iOS, has just got updated to version 3.5.6 . With this new version, users can share any files on their smartphone or tablet with a computer.Previously, Bump users were only able to share files from mobile device to mobile device.

Just like AirDroid Android App, to sync with a computer, your smartphone must be connected to the internet via WiFi or cellular network. Off course, needless to say, WiFi is preferred. Then, You just point your computer’s web browser to http://bu.mp, and then follow the three step directions there. The only change from AirDroid is that, here you need to tap your spacebar with your smartphone, and a dialog box will pop up, letting you move files to and from your smartphone or mobile device and your computer.

[wpspoiler name=”Read More” ]https://bu.mp/[/wpspoiler]

Prajyot Mainkar

Mr. Prajyot Mainkar is the Editor-in-Chief of Androcid. He himself, is an Android Developer by profession; based in Goa.

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