Moto 360 might not be revised again as per the latest reports

Motorola has been around for a long time now producing one of the most popular Android Wearables – Moto 360. This brand has contributed in Android Wear’s popularity. But now it looks like, under Lenovo’s supervision, it wont be making its way out in 2017. We were expecting to see the new moto 360 at the IFA, but never it didn’t go that way.

Time to say Bye to Moto 360?

Moto 360
End of Moto 360 Era?

However, Moto does realize that, there could be a time in near future to revisit this device bringing enhancements, when the wearable market grows largely. One might feel that wearable market might be following the footsteps of the tablet market few months back. However, this might be too early to believe as Wearables are well complemented with Fitness trackers that allow users to understand health state better. This certainly is one of the reasons to buy besides that of style.

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