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Androcid - App Review
Androcid – App Review

We love receiving information about about new apps or any apps that we missed to review, for the android phone.

Keep your details about the app and submit to us and rest, leave it onto us.

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I know by this point you will have lot of questions,loads of doubts, so i amplify the questions/doubts to answers as below :

 Hi Androcid, i have an app idea and wish to discuss the features,design and other related information to understand it’s feasibility,dead blocks and other relevant issues from you.

Androcid is not just about ‘Android Development’ but it’s divided into 3 major layers, Android Learning, Android Development and Android Consultancy. If you have an idea for which you wish to consult us, you can contact us and share your views.

Androcid, i have an app developed, but it’s in Beta Stage, can you showcase the app and also help us in building better app features?

Why not? Beta Releases are core component of any app so that you receive User Feedbacks and Consulting related to features of the app you design. We are always interested in pre-release and beta versions of applications, so please feel free to contact us about that was well. We don’t need your source code 🙂 But we need .apk for testing the app.

…and what if i don’t wish to provide app and just wish to share an idea?

We have it all for each contributor, we will showcase your idea and wire-frames on the blog.

Androcid, I have an app that i wish to get submit to you for review and feedback. How to reach to androcid?

No matter what your app is, make sure to send it with a complete list of details as mentioned below about of your application.

We receive a large number of approaches, so to help your app stand out on androcid so please do some or all of the following to help us gauge the interest level for our reviewers and readers:

  • Give a thorough description of what the app does
  • Tell us about its key features
  • Include Screen shots and / or video demos
  • Provide links to the web site supporting the app
  • Provide the link of android market ( if applicable)

So get moving and if you wish Androcid to notice your app, just follow your section from above mentioned sets and we would look forward to hearing about your exciting android apps.

Send your details here and Androcid Team will contact you.

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