Google Flight Search Goes Mobile

Google seems to be in hurry to mark up in mobile stage and it certainly isen’t a bad move. The search giant would really tend to explore this channel in much wider way backed by their robust search engine.Last year Google launched Flight Search, but travelers on the go couldn’t use the service since a mobile version was left out. But today, Google fixed that problem and users can now search travel deals from their mobile browsers.

The Flight Search feature on mobile browsers is offering same features like offers the Flight Search on desktop including:

  • Find details of flights quickly with load results with an ease and also, its easy to scan through the list
  • Discover places to go on a map including the prices for destinations you wish to travel
  • Various filter options such as by price, airline, or flight duration to tackle your travel needs
  • Find the best time to go – Click the calendar icon to see what dates will get you low prices.

Prajyot Mainkar

Mr. Prajyot Mainkar is the Editor-in-Chief of Androcid. He himself, is an Android Developer by profession; based in Goa.

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