Google launches website to track India’s Digital Transformation

Google has launched a website to track India’s digital transformation which will carry out success stories of entrepreneurs and SMBs. This portal will also detail out how Google is facilitating their ventures to next-big level. In a blog post, Google’s India head Rajan Anandan said:

With over 300 million Internet users in the country and another 200 million Indians set to join by 2017*, the Internet is opening up huge opportunities for Indian businesses and entrepreneurs. India’s Small and Medium businesses (SMBs), especially technology startups are starting to bloom and investments have led to an explosion in India’s tech sector in recent years. At over 4,100 enterprises, India has the third-highest number of tech startups in the world, this number is expected to reach several thousand by 2020.


How Google has been helping Startups? 

This year Google has been actively supporting Startups in India. Google has also made an attempt to empower companies by announcing an investment of $20,000 of cloud credits for 1000 startups in 2016. This is the single largest investment we’ve made anywhere in the world for Google Cloud Services. Google also has launched an initiative to build Internet presence for 20 Million SMBs in India- which can be accessed by anyone, anywhere on their mobile phones.

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