Google splits Hangouts into Chat and Meet, plans to take on slack

Google plans to take Hangouts to the Enterprise level and its clear by its move especially when it has decided to split hangouts into Chat and Meet. On the other hand, Allo/Duo are its consumer communications apps. In the recent news, Google is splitting Hangouts into two: Hangout Chat and Hangout Meet. Meet is now generally available and hangout chat is going to be Google’s early access program. Google has not yet disclosed on what will happen on Hangout App, but we suspect, it wont last long.

Hangouts Chat to target Slack

With Gaining popularity of Slack, Google is a new challenger to this tool. The Search Giant is planning to introduce Chat app that will be available on Android, iOS and the web and will aim to offer rooms for team chat & collaboration of activities.

Hangout Chat

Google says “Working on a project means bringing cross-functional teams together, discussing tasks that need to get done and sharing your work. Chat is built with exactly this in mind.”

Meet Hangouts – starting your meetings with a quick click

Made a preview last month and is all about making meetings easier. Google says “Hangouts Meet is a new video meeting experience with one goal: make joining meetings effortless so that people can be as productive as they are when they’re face-to-face. We’ve consistently heard from customers about ways we can improve Hangouts, like making it easier to work with external clients or reducing the ‘time to start’ a meeting to zero. That’s why we’ve built Hangouts Meet to have a light, fast interface and smart participant management.”


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