Hyundai A7 Android 4.0 ICS Tablet

Ton’s of Android 4.0 tablets are both, cheap and high priced, but it’s usually the affordable models that we discuss considering the large section of community preferring to hold-on with budge options. The Hyundai A7 slate with Android 4.0, priced at $110 and offering some decent specifications. Kindly note that, don’t confuse this brand to the leading car Giant “Hyundai- TheCar Manufacturer”.

Hyundai A7 Slate powers 7 inch 480 x 800 pixel device, with a capacitive screen with 5 point multitouch and a 1.5 GHz Cortex A8 processor. There’s also 512 MB of RAM, 8 GB of storage and a microSD card slot. Features like mini-HDMI out for gaming and movies on larger screen also makes it worthy. Other ICS tablets out there gravitating around the $100 mark may end up having a resistive screen or a worse CPU.In comparison, this tablet is actually well structured and worth a strike.

Prajyot Mainkar

Mr. Prajyot Mainkar is the Editor-in-Chief of Androcid. He himself, is an Android Developer by profession; based in Goa.

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