Google introduces Keep notes directly into docs

According to Google, Keep is now part of G Suite Core service with Admin console controls and access in Docs. Using this feature, users can write and share their notes and doodles within their work domains. Google also would allow to turn the app on or off for their domain depending on case-to-case basis.


According to the blog:

The steps to do so will depend on an organization’s current use of Google Drive. For example:

1. If you currently have Google Drive enabled for your organization, your users have had access to Keep and will continue to have access to this app following this launch. If you would like to turn access OFF, you can now do so from the Admin console (Apps > G Suite > Keep).

2. If you do not have Drive enabled for your organization, your users have not had access to the app. Should you choose to turn on Drive in the future, Keep will be turned ON for your organization if you’ve opted into automatically receiving new services in the Admin console and turned OFF for your organization if you’ve chosen to manually enable new services. You will be able enable or disable the application from the Admin console at any time.

Currently, this feature is available via the web only, and requires you first have Docs loaded and open in your browser. Access this option from Tool Menu and that will enable keep notes into a sidebar within the Docs user interface.

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