LG and Samsung smartwatches deploy personnel data to researchers

Planning to privatize your datas on a smart watch? Well, think again. At the University of New Haven, researchers trotted that all the personal datas and information’s can now be extracted out of the LG-G Watch and Samsung Gear Neo. Calendars, watch users e-mail address, contacts and all pedometer datas can be revived from G-Watches. Gear 2 Neo has non-encrypted health, e-mail, messages and other contact datas and related information’s. Ibrahim Baggili, director at the UNHCFREH group said, “It was not very difficult to get the data, but expertise and research was required”.

University’s Cyber Forensics Research and Education Group (UNHCFREG) is a research group which is dedicated to cyber forensic science. Jeff Oduru, Kyle Anthony, Frank Breitinger, Ibrahim Baggili and Glenn McGee, formed a group of co-authors planned to present their research work in digital forensics conference, which will be held in August.


Personalizing datas and its accessibility is an agitating issue with everything around getting smarter day-by-day from watches to house, people also need to be smart while sharing information with each other. Understanding data encryption is certainly necessary after the Samsung and LG watch hacking.   

According to CNet, Smartwatches are not that much in common as smartphones yet, but with such speedy upgrading technologies they will be in coming months. MRSA, Market Researcher Strategy Analytics presented some statistical datas which showed in 2014, device makers like  Samsung, LG, Motorola and Pebble shipped only 4.6 million smartwatches globally. In 2015, the figures jumped to 28.1 million which is just a minor change as compared to the figure showing total number of smartphones shipped.

This year, Apple’s smartwatches which went on sale in late April have higher hopes as compared to other brands. Apple’s gadget is set to spark the market with variety of range in its capabilities and performance. The smartwatch can certainly be pointed out as a central part of human lives. It can track everything from its user’s health and fitness datas to phone calls and E-payments.    

“Encryption”, a solution to the issue of hacking. Encryption can easily help to keep all the datas from being hacked. The datas or the information can be scrambled which we call as encryption which will work as a key to make the datas unreadable for the hackers. Scrambled datas will only be readable only to the one who has access or key to the data. But there are certainly some limits in concern with accessibility to laptops, smartwatches or smartphones. Also there is certain issue over how much encryption should be allowed. Encryption faces certain legal and law related issues and advocate for some protections to allow them to effectively track criminals and monitor terrorist plots. It is also easier for govt. agencies to spy on public members.

Device managers can now easily encrypt smartwatch datas but has no security guarantee. Baggili said  “Just because encryption is enabled does not mean it is implemented in a way that does not allow us to defeat the encryption”.

Samsung’s Tizen OS is used by Gear 2 Neo whereas, LG G-Watch uses Google’s Android wear OS. By looking into watch’s files and other traces, researchers obtained datas on watch activity to which they were linked i.e. Samsung Android Smart phones. Apple Watch is now put to test.

This year, datapp has been released. Datapp is a windows program specially designed to enable user to check the un-encrypted datas themselves. This was due to many smartphones and apps were transmitting un-encrypted and unprotected datas, pictures and messages.  On Monday, the SIIA (Software & Information Industry Association) requested Obama administration to avoid any type of work-arounds that would weaken encryption.

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