Netflix is Now Not Available on Rooted Android Devices

Netflix will no longer be officially available for rooted and unlocked Android devices, with the streaming service shifting to a new copy-protection mechanism. It’s now using Google’s Widevine DRM to prevent piracy, which has grown into importance after Netflix enabled downloads on its platform late last year.

The important bit there is “not Google-certified or have been altered”, which is official speak for rooted and bootloader-unlocked devices.

Because of this, the app won’t show up for rooted users when they search for it on the Google Play store. Should you end up on the listing via a direct link, you’ll be treated to an “Your device isn’t compatible with this version” error message.

Netflix is Now Not Available on Rooted Android Devices

Credits: Netflix

For now, the app is still fully functional on rooted devices, according to Android Police and reports on Reddit. But this could just be the first step in eliminating all access to rooted devices in the future – some banking apps already do so – so you might want to consider getting off the root wagon.

If you’d rather not, but still want to get future Netflix updates, you’ll need to rely on APK hosting websites, which catalogue and offer every new version.

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