The Three Tablet Accessories You Need Now

If you have a new Android tablet, you may be wondering what you should buy for it. It comes with a charger, already, but other accessories may be necessary to help you protect your new tablet and get the most out of it. Some come with headphones, but most don’t. Other than those two things, though, there are three accessories that every tablet needs as soon as you buy it.

Protect Your Tablet

You need a case for your tablet. To protect it while you’re transporting it, you need a cover or case to go over the screen. Even if you’re not traveling, the case can protect it from every day bumps and scrapes. Look for a case that acts as a protective cover, but can also fold into a stand for your tablet. If you’re going to spend the money for a case to protect your tablet you might as well get something more from it. A stand can leave your hands free while trying to watch videos on your tablet.

Bluetooth Keyboard

A Bluetooth keyboard is one of those tablet accessories people think they don’t really need. They consider it an extra device. It can be very necessary, though, if you use your tablet daily. A keyboard will help take use off the tablet screen. It will also help you when you type a lot. The tablet screen has tiny keys, and if you get a smaller tablet the keys are even smaller. If you’re use to a laptop, getting used to a screen can be a painful process, and not just in not being able to use it correctly. You can damage your hands, wrists, and fingers by using a flat screen when you’re used to a keyboard.

Cables and Adapters

You need cables and adapters to make sure all of your various devices can work with your tablet. Let’s say you want to transfer videos form your phone to your tablet, but your tablet is an Android and your phone is not. You’ll need an adapter to be able to connect the devices. If you travel often, get something to bundle and protect these cables. With these cables make sure you have a travel charger. This charger can also have an adapter that will plug your device into a car charger or a wall charger, so that way you’ll need just one cord instead of a bunch of different chargers. By making sure these cables are interchangeable you can save money and space when you pack them.

Most tablets come with basic accessories like a wall charger and headphones, but in order to get the most from your tablet you’ll need to purchase more accessories. If you purchase them at the same time you may be able to bundle and get a bargain. Cases protect your tablet. Cables and chargers help you keep it operating with your other devices. A keyboard can help you browse the Internet and send documents without damaging your screen or your hands. While they may cost you extra, they save you lots of headache in the long run.

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